Conflict in the workplace can lead to personal and professional repercussions. Two different people might have different perspectives when it comes to handling a difficult situation.

The first step in dealing with office conflict is recognizing that it is happening. It may be easy to overlook the signs of an underlying issue, that could explode at any moment, but if you acknowledge what you're dealing with, then you can take steps towards solving the problem.

If you are in conflict with someone at work, try and talk about what caused the conflict with them so that there is no misunderstanding or miscommunication going forward. You might also ask for their perspective as well because they may have a different point of view than you do which would help resolve your disagreement more easily.

The different types of conflict at the workplace are:
  • Divergent conflict (disagreement in opinion)
  • Inconsistent conflict (confusing, unclear expectations)
  • Disruptive conflict (distraction, sudden change)
Your options when faced with workplace conflicts are:
  • Avoidance (managing the conflict through avoidance)
  • Direct confrontation of the issue (resolving the problem head-on)
  • Managing expectations (setting expectations before anything happens that could lead to a dispute)

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